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NA Hudson Valley West

Editorial Submissions

Natural Awakenings Welcomes Your Participation!

Thanks for considering writing with us! Your perspective enriches our magazine and digital content, creates a more personal voice and features your expertise.

Every edition of Natural Awakenings features local News Briefs about events and businesses. Our magazine also features national Health Briefs and Global Briefs that go into our more than 70 affiliate magazines.

Your editorial submissions are what make Natural Awakenings a community resource for holistic and natural living. We want our readers to get to know you. Submitting editorial for one or more of our departments provides you with the opportunity to share knowledge and bring focus to your business.

It is a good idea to time your submission to our Editorial Calendar (attached below). 

Guidelines and Submission Info:

FEATURE ARTICLES (600-850 words)

    *Health & conscious eating
    *Inner growth/inspiration
    *Fitness/body awareness
    *Earth-friendly living/eco tips

    *Focuses on a particular segment of some vast subject
    *Not self-serving
    *Brief biography at the end

SPOTLIGHT ARTICLES (500-700 words)
    *Same topics as above
    *Profiles a local person or organization of interest (you!)
    *Includes some personal perspective
    *Includes bio – what you do and why
    *Spiritual angle – explores motives & what drives you to contribute to the community

    *Business Spotlight: focuses mainly on the enterprise
    *Community Spotlight: may have info about your personal background – what makes them tick?
    *Product Spotlight: highlights products you offer that support healthy, conscious living
    *Therapy Spotlight: features eclectic modes of therapeutic engagement including counseling, coaching, body work, expressive arts, etc.
    *Any other Spotlight theme you want to shine a light on!

NEWS BRIEF (50-200 words)
    *Is a “clip of info" like a press release
    *Has a “news hook”
    *Highlights updates on local organizations, people and businesses (you!)
    *Can be updates on:
        -Wellness & sustainability news
        -Health trends
        -Announcements (opened an office, have a new therapeutic certification, etc.)

HEALTH BRIEF (50-200 words)
    *Informative & educational
    *Shares findings from leading edge research
    *Covers new trends in fields relevant to the monthly topic, and is condition specific. Examples:
        -Massage lowers blood pressure
        -Acupuncture shortens labor
        -Exercise eases depression
    *Site your sources!

Send us an email with any questions, clarifications or curiosities about editorial submissions. [email protected]

All submissions are subject to publisher approval and review. NA reserves the right to edit any and all submissions to match our guidelines and standards. There is no guarantee that a submission will appear in the magazine or online. 

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